ATA Organics is ATA NRG

Since 2003 Atami carries the ATA Organics line for the environmentally conscious grower. The ideal products for those who for example grow tomatoes for personal consumption and strive for optimum flavour experience.

At Atami we thought it was time to give the ATA Organics range a face-lift. From this day on (Henceforth) ATA Organics will be known as ATA NRG. Snazzy and fierce which in our opinion makes for the specific qualities and characteristics this product line has to offer. Maximise results and get your best taste ever, NRGise your plants with the ATA NRG range.

What will change for you?

Nothing will change for you the customer. The ATA NRG is merely a new version of an old and trusted concept. The same familiar products that have allowed our customers to achieve excellent results for as long as we can remember. You can therefore continue to rely on the impeccable quality and effectiveness of our ATA NRG range!

For a correct dosage per product and its proper use, refer to the Grow Schedules that can be found on the download section of our website. Also on our labels, you will find this information.

We wish you a successful growth, flowering and harvest!

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