Microkit B’cuzz Coco

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Microkit B'cuzz Coco

– 250 ml Coco A

– 250 ml Coco B

– 100 ml Coco Booster Universal

– 100 ml Coco Bloom Stimulator

– 100 ml Root Stimulator

– 100 ml Blossom Builder Liquid


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Microkit B’cuzz Coco – Atami is known for its famous stimulators which are recognizable by the high concentrations and high quality.

Especially for the introduction of several new stimulators and in honor of the Atami’s 15th anniversary, We have developed a package with all new and known stimulators and boosters.

Easily discover the new products such as Rootbastic, distinctive due to the high NPK values for explosive root growth. Bio Bloombastic with a hint of bio mineral resulting in a final product with a typical organic flavor. Blossom builder liquid, an ideal product for the final stage with a balanced ratio PK.

Also the booster packs contain the already known products such as Bloombastic, Atazyme, Root Stimulator, Bloom Stimulator, Booster, Root C, and C Flower.

In short, a complete package with all the additives for each phase in the cycle which contribute to the strength, health and the end product of your plant.

Get the most out of your plants for a great price with the new booster packs of Atami. As usual available for each medium, with different grow schedules and combinable with all basic nutrients

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