Microkit B’cuzz Soil

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B’cuzz Microkit Soil

250 ml B’cuzz Soil nutrient A

250 ml B’cuzz Soil nutrient B

100 ml B’cuzz Root stimulator

100 ml B’cuzz Soil Booster

100 ml B’cuzz Bloom stimulator

100 ml Blossom Builder Liquid.


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Atami has developed a collection box of the popular B’cuzz line. The Microkit B’cuzz Soil. This so called Microkit gives you the opportunity to easily get acquainted with our professional range.
The B’cuzz Microkit is suitable for growing 2 to 3 plants on soil, cocos or hydro. The combination of nutrients and supplements in the B’cuzz Micro Kit will lead to excellent grow and bloom results.

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