B’cuzz Premium Plant Powder Coco

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1300 gr.

9-7-17 (w/w)

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Premium Plant Powder Coco is a chelated bio-mineral nutrition, especially developed for cultivation on coco. Next to calcium this 1-component nutrient contains important micro-organisms and bacteria that will be a boost for soil life and help to improve the condition of the crop. This way Soil Premium Plant Powder Coco ensures extra stability and a biological balance in the substrate. Premium Plant Powder Coco is also handy and economical in transport and use.

Add to the nutrient solution from the growing phase onwards. Can be used daily during the growing stage for the irrigation of the crop.

Growing tip
Atami recommends the use of bio-stimulators for optimal results.

Quality guaranteed
Premium Plant Powder Coco is packed lighttight, so the quality remains guaranteed.

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